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Old King Crow

Popular with: Athral Rebels, Oresund, Tharici, the Hulder, Tarsikka
Banned in: (Officially) Athral Isle, Gaunt, Redwood Throne
notes: A song that has begun to spread in the Athral Isle, which is believed to mock King Sigmar by accusing him of patricide. It has had a discernible impact, spreading to the Principalities, Gaunt, Tarsikka, and Oresund. It has naturally been swiftly banned by the nobility in Athral. Although it is also officially banned in Gaunt, it continues to spread more subtly there, particularly among those Gauntish who doubt Sigmar's ability to rule the Athral Isle, and think that they or their clans might rule better. Dane Sverre Frosteye has not made any specific statements about this, beyond issuing a ban on the song.

The Redwood Throne has also banned the song, as Sigmar enjoys the favor of Kingship from the Throne, and as such is divinely favored. That said, there is some indication that some of the Throne clergy believe that the favor of the Throne is growing more tenuous with time. Still, it is inappropriate to mock a ruling monarch, according to canon law.

Big black Crow in the old Oak Tree,
King of all the Acorns he can see.
Caw, old King Crow, Caw, old black Crow,
King of all the Tree.

Young black Crow in the old Oak Tree,
Watching his old Father jealously.
Wait, young Prince Crow, Wait, young black Crow,
You are King-to-be.

I can't wait, says the young Prince Crow,
My old Father has to go.
Die, old King Crow, Die, O my Father,
Old age comes too slow.

Two black Crows in the old Oak Tree,
Gall-Stones in the Acorns secretly.
Eat, dear Father, Eat, you old Crow,
Give your Crown to me.

Young black Crow, crowned for all to see,
With his Father's Corpse beneath the Tree.
Wait, young King Crow, Wait, Traitor Crow,
The same end comes for thee.