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Mazhani Warrior Code Photo of a Blade of Mazhan

The Blades of Mazhan, famed for their outright perfection of sword-fighting, held to a strict code of honor, guided by honor of the first Paladin Queen.

  1. There is no shame in death, only in cowardice. The courage to face death redeems all disgrace.
  2. Never boast of yourself, but speak well of your companions, that they may do the same of you.
  3. Peace is a gift; be as willing to give it as receive it. Peace is a gift; be worthy. Peace is a gift; if your enemy is unworthy, deny it to him.
  4. Speak not falsely, even in omission.
  5. Discern true beauty from false beauty. Create only the former; extinguish the latter.

These warriors were famed for their deadly skill with blades of mismatched length, and for their incredible mental dicipline.They were further expected to value art. There existed a strong tradition of warrior-poets. Second to poetry were weaving and pottery, pursued not for the use of their products but because the mental state of creating was believed to hone the intellect, and creating the ideal piece required attention to exquisite detail.