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The practice of magic is the manipulation of either the Realms of energy (Light, Fire, Storm, Shadow, and Ice) that act upon the world, or the Forms of matter (Aether, Flesh, Fluid, Earth, and Dust) that compose the world. Humans know and practice five forms of magic, and Celestials have an art that is their own, directing the energies of the Realms more directly than any human could.

Celestial Ways: Celestials draw upon their own nature to invoke spells. A celestial may learn to manipulate any two non-conflicting Realms.

Ancient Arts: The magic of The Returned harnesses the heroic archtypes of the Warrior, the Trickster, and the Wiseman into awesome powers. As their memory awakens, their abilities grow deeper and more refined, giving them abilities far beyond the ken of modern humans.

Ritualism: A wizard binds the five energies of the Realms into a focus through a ritual involving carved bones. In battle, they activate the spells stored in that focus to strike down their enemies or heal their allies.

Inscription: Talented scribes bind power into parchment. They can create scrolls, copy rituals for wizards, and transcribe mystical formulae for forge mages and alchemists. More advanced scribes create warding glyphs that temporarily drive off creatures of a designated type.

Forge Magic: Once they have mastered the shaping of many types of weapons or armor, smiths learn to bind magic into those items, granting them great power.

Totemic Power: The Mystery cults draw power from hidden entities, gaining limited command over both Realms of energy and Forms of matter.

Alchemy: The study of brewing herbs and poultices eventually reveals the secrets of alchemy, combining the Forms of matter into formulations with the power to heal, destroy, and much more.