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LARP links

Below you'll find listed a few of the numerous awesome games to be found throughout the Southeast US. If you have a LARP that you play, a LARP site, blog, resource, or whatever, please feel free to let us know, and we'll be happy to link you or your favorite game here!

Rule of Three Games

  • Eclipse-- Eclipse is a Dynamic Science Fiction Live Action Role playing game, set in a far off galaxy. Players take the parts of strange aliens or rugged humans mutually exploring the last hidden place in the galaxy, a dark planet shrouded in antiquity and mystery simply known as Eclipse. Boffer LARP in the CI/Ro3 hit location style, played in Georgia.

Other Games

  • Forest of Doors-- This is the Forest of Doors, the nexus of worlds. Welcome, wanderer, to a place of infinite secrets. All that you know—all the knowledge of your home land—is but a small thing compared to the possibilities that lie before you. Here, you may forge a new destiny for your benighted land, find untold riches, or uncover arcane mysteries that have long been forgotten. Ah, but there is danger here too, traveler; the forest is no place for the weak…and secrets have claws. GA based (Atlanta Area), multi-genre fantasy, hit-location boffer LARP.
  • Fractured-- live-combat fantasy LARP in which you play a denizen of one of seven dark Outer Worlds. In each of these worlds, cracks in the fabric of reality have begun to appear to a Place of No Return. Will it become a paradise or an abattoir? Horror, Hit location, GA based (Atlanta Area), from the people who brought you Forest of Doors.
  • NERO Atlanta-- One of the oldest NERO chapters in the country. NERO is a Live Action Fantasy Roleplaying Game with chapters all over the United States, and NERO Atlanta is a chapter based out of ... you guessed it ... Atlanta, GA. Hit Point Boffer system.
  • Second Dawn-- by Legynds; A Live-Action Role-Playing Campaign based in Atlanta Georgia. Prepare yourself to be immersed in a fantasy world recovering from a millennium of horror. This world needs heroes to defend it and one of those heroes could be you. Do battle and test your wits against those who would return the world to its unnerving past, while surviving the dangers that the horror has left behind. Join the ranks as one of the Elderkin, Beardedfolk, Humans, Ancients, or even one of the Strange. Wield a sword, bare a shield, hurl lethal substances from the shadows, or delve into the mysteries of magic to win the day.
  • Shards of Orn-- It's been two centuries since warring immortals tore the world of Orn asunder. Now, mysterious spans have begun to form through the void, reuniting the long-isolated shard realms. Lost lands, wondrous treasures, vicious monsters, and the mystery of Orn's undoing await anyone daring or foolish enough to brave the verge... Hit Point Boffer system, Raleigh, NC.
  • TALAN-- The Triangle Area Live Action Network. This game is set in lands of Castille and the Universe of TALAN. Castille is a land ruled by the power of sword and sorcery, and TALAN lets you be a part of the action! Mideval fantasy, Hit Point Boffer, Triangle Area, NC.

LARP resources

  • Atlanta LARP Project-- Providing the Atlanta community to announce games, post resources, and discuss LARPs of all kinds.
  • LARP.com-- an old classic, serving the LARP community since 1997.
  • LarpCore.com-- A new and sassy site, useful for finding exactly the right flavor of LARP for you, in your area!
  • larping.org-- a LARP blog aggregator, news site, and LARP list. Regularly updated!
  • Shade's List-- Which remains the largest list of LARPS, new, old, and deceased, in all of LARP-dom.