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The art of Inscription gives a character the ability to copy ritual formulas used by ritualists, and production formulas and designs such as those used by Forge Mages and others. Practitioners of this art, called Scribes, can create scrolls that can store battle spells for later use, and they can inscribe Warding Glyphs that protect buildings from many kinds of intruders. By studying the art of Binding Contracts, they can create documents that join people in marriage, in cabals, in commerce, or in diplomacy. To do this, they must have magic of their own, or employ magical ink produced by Alchemy. As with other production skills, each level of Inscription gives the character one (1) production point that he can use in each production period.

You can learn more about Inscription and Binding Contracts in Chapter 9 of the Rulebook; templates for Binding Contracts can be found in Appendix 4.