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Photo of a humanHumans

Humans are a widely varied people. You may know something about humans; you may even be one yourself. The world of Dust to Dust is peopled chiefly with humans. Most have never seen a sentient creature that was not also human, or possibly a homunculus (though homunculi have no souls, and so they probably don’t count). They are able to learn the magical arts of ritualism, forge magic, inscription, and alchemy. Some humans also belong to mystery cults and develop spiritual power from which they derive unusual magical abilities, though the Redwood Throne opposes such practices.

Racial Advantages
  • For reasons unknown, humans are the only race that the Totems will accept. They may buy Totemic Gifts, and they may contribute to a Totem’s mana pool.
  • Humans are the only race not declared anathema by the Redwood Throne. Enjoy this peace while you can.
  • Humans may benefit from the cultural advantages of their chosen nation.

Makeup Requirements: Humans have no makeup requirements.