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Photo of HomunculusFaith and Religion

The Redwood Throne has declared homunculi to be soulless abominations incapable of Grace or real faith; they are to be destroyed where possible. In the last two centuries, three homunculi have proven themselves useful enough to the Throne to receive a declaration of faith, a proclamation declaring that they have gained souls through righteous deeds and service. Denied a fundamental place in church hierarchy, most homunculi have little interest in the beliefs of the Redwood Throne. Indeed, many are actively hostile to the Redwood Throne, but do not express this publicly.

The various mystery cults react to homunculi along cultural lines, with the notable exception of the Unending Sky, which actively supports the cause of their freedom. Unending Sky cultists help homunculi to flee their masters and reach regions where homunculi are more accepted. Many in Eurst owe their freedom to such efforts. The Light Under the Mountain has clashed with homunculi and their makers over treatment of the dead, but these conflicts have been few as corpses are easily found elsewhere. Regardless, the Light Under the Mountain does not welcome homunculi into their ranks.

For the most part, homunculi are not religious people, seeing their existence as being nothing more than the flesh that they are composed of. Beings of great power or political groups that claim divine guidance often receive nothing but disdain from homunculi; beings of great power are nothing to be worshipped and politics and religion are the tools most commonly used to keep the homunculi in their place. They have little interest in concepts of an afterlife and instead work to live as much as they can in this existence.

While homunculi are not much interested in religion, many do adopt philosophies to guide their life. Nihilism is common among those homunculi who are bound poorly treated as they see their existence as being a long life of pain and service. Those few homunculi who find their freedom tend to adopt more positive outlooks, seeing the centuries lying before them as time to be enjoyed and celebrated. Regardless homunculi are a people that do not miss a chance to be happy since at any moment their world could turn for the much, much worse.

A few, guided by the principles of alchemy and the grafting of flesh, seek spiritual transformation and continual refinement. Any flaw can be expunged with time and patience, be it a flaw of flesh or of spirit. They wonder, then, what homunculi might become when they are free of the shackles of age, infirmity, and spiritual failing.