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1216 RE-- Verdict Delivered in Trial of Rahala Sevast

Date: 1 January 1216
Outcome: Mixed (see below)
Parties: Komutan Sirkan Zalim, the accused, Rahala Sevast
For the Prosecution: Emir-in-Exile Bomani Thalas, Captain Dijur Mizhaja
For the Defense: Surviving members of the Demeyen Bishak, various colonists from Marath Suvla

After an extensive period of deliberation, Komutan Sirkan Zalim has delivered the Caliph's will in the matter of Rahala Sevast, Commander of the Demeyen Bishak, for treason against the Caliphate of Dusk in conspiring with Marrashi forces.

Based on numerous testimonies, including those of various colonists of Marath Suvla (with particular weight given to that of Rahip Berk Acar, hero of Khaldun and former member of the Demeyen Bishak), it is determined that Sevast is not guilty of treason, as there is no evidence that the Marrashi involved in the defense of Khaldun sought any more sinister aim than to defeat and destroy the Ghuls there present. Diplomatic relations with the Marrashi, such as they are, have been neither improved nor worsened by this action: everyone still hates everyone else. Inquiries having been made after the point was raised by the testimony of Honored Ancestor Khavar Al-Qalam, the indication is that Khada Mor did not approve of the actions the Marrashi under Al-Suzri took in concert with the Bishak and their leader. That he has already paid for this with his life will have no effect on the ultimate fate of his Akathian counterpart.

Therefor, in keeping with Bishak tradition and policy after falling prey to ghul consumption, Sevast is hereby decommissioned as Commander of the Demeyen Bishak. She will be sent to serve with the Tundra Guard of Oresund, as the newest allies of the Caliphate. This bond has already seen use, Oresund having already done good service to Akathia during the recent ghul attack on Bazmel. A small number of Sandspire warriors will accompany her north, in keeping with good will between the two nations.

As for the fate of the Demeyen Bishak themselves, in the words of Rahip Acar, they were always meant to be a temporary measure. However, in the words of Jak Kovago, War Wizard of the Demeyen Bishak, "The Border Knives at least have the advantage of making fewer eyes wet when they are gutted and eaten under a nameless dune". In spite of the arguments of her accusers, The Bazmel attack has certainly cemented the ghuls as the preeminent threat to the Caliphate, particularly as the Marrashi have not seen fit to press any advantage against Akathia since the occupation of the Emirate. Thus, the group themselves and the name will still exist, but under more direct oversight from the Komutan and the military proper, and no new autonomous Commander will be created at this time. Kesed of the Emirate will administer them on behalf of the military. The fighting force is already being rebuilt, primarily with criminals who would have been sentenced thus anyway, and homunculi still in indenture whose masters are unable to support them. Further, Oresund has pledged a small group of exiles, led by one of the Tundra Guard, to serve as well. Specifics have not been determined at this time, but subjects in the border provinces are very relieved not to lose their defenders permanently.

In addition to those surviving and former members of the Demeyn Bishak who came forward, thanks are issued on behalf of the Komutan to Rahip Acar for the Colonists of Marath Suvla, to wit: Jak Kovago, Captain Kara Ihtiras, Devout Ivan Barov, Kian Paidraig of Harvester Company, Caracal of the Desert, and the honored ancestor Khavar Al-Qalam, for their proper and timely submissions of testimony. Other testimonials received from colonists from Marath Suvla were taken into account as a whole, coming in the form of either direct address, or otherwise not in compliance with the proscribed form.

This the Will and Decree of Demir Isveren, Caliph of Dust, through Sirkan Zalim, Strength of the Caliphate.