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1217 RE-- The Parting of the Ways

Date: after 10/1216
Outcome: varies
Parties: ultimate dispensation of the heroes of Marath Suvla.

On that day was the conclusion of the seventh celestial epoch and the Eschaton; they were the last days of the Most Foul and the Light of Heaven in this world. Yet the light of life and purpose still burned in this world, and much remained to be done for its repair. The colonists of Marath Suvla, who had through struggle and darkness brought forth hope, made preparations for the next steps of their journeys.

Jakovi Kovago mustered allies for a war to liberate the Emirate of Rahaal from the Marrashi who had held it for the past eight years. Among these allies was the new Molten Sheik, Berk Acar Acahan; the Sand Spire would not think of refusing the Molten Sheik’s call to battle. The Demeyen Bishak had been shattered after Khaldun’s fall, but it was revitalized by one of the only surviving captains. As a skirmishing force, it would be indispensable against the might of the Marrashi army, which had been unstoppable throughout the invasion. The cult of the Desert Screamers offered both counsel and sharpened claws to the cause. He found many other allies than these, and as those forces gathered in Darende and Bazmel, he and his closest allies made plans to infiltrate the Crusader State and learn what they could.

In the North, at Mount Drom, the Speaker of the Mountain and his companions spread the word that Drom would give life to a new people, who would be the Mountain’s own children and would rebuild in the world all that the Houses of the Nether had ruined. Drom, in turn, calls to him all those who served and aided him in his slumber, that he might understand the world and the needs of these new-made kind. The Speaker of the Mountain learned powerful magic on the slopes of the mountain and in its heart, drawing strength from the Falar and greater things there. Yet his work was far from done, and he would never be a king to sit idly on a throne. He traveled thence to Marath Suvla to gather allies again, for he would pursue Karvonnen across all the miles and worlds if need be.

Lord Azamon Fyori met with the Council of Silver, though the Stele County seat remained empty. He spoke of the new peace that the Amethyst Queen had offered, which would withdraw all werewolves and shades from Tarsikka for a thousand years and a day. He proposed that he would himself be the overseer and guarantor of this peace. After many questions and a brief debate, the Council accepted Lord Fyori’s recommendation. Lord Fyori traveled next to Tiere-a-Tun, which he proposed to rename Sylvania. Much like the Speaker of the Mountain, he planned to track a deadly target: Havrost of the Maelstrom, Immortal Victor and secret commander of half of the Rat’s Castle. With him went Faldrefal.

Lord Fyori’s twin brother Azazel likewise prepared for a long journey, settling accounts with his cabal and his allies among the Tarsikkan nobility: Court Wizard Nichai Torca, Lord Nimic, and the feared and secretive Chalice Green. Even he did not know his destination; he said only that he would follow the threads of fate, to whatever end, that this world might remain free. Yet a bloody revenge against the Blackfeather Order was never far from his thoughts.

Rexyl Xyan withdrew for a time to make plans, for the repair of the world is a delicate matter. At every turn, he was accompanied by his mighty companion of a hundred adventures, Aegidius, as well as others who had been loyal to the Iron Teeth. In his travels, he took counsel from the wisest, and offered it to the mightiest. Some refused him audience, for they had no wish to take up a new and endless war against the Houses of the Nether, but more heard his words and steeled their resolve. He spoke too of the eradication of the Blackfeather Order and the recolonization of Ton Isiq, now that the Eater of Fates was no more. He passed some time in Petra’s Hearth, where a place was ever after set for him, and his spirits were much renewed, even though he could not stay. He returned to Marath Suvla to speak with Martel, who day by day strode further from his Table and doorway.

At Drenberg, in Eastern Trempa, the city’s starving defenders finally surrendered to the force jointly commanded by Vyrakotha and Sir Eric Zimmermann. Matriarch Milena II was taken prisoner, though she has refused to recant her heresy for the time being. The Emperor and Matriarch Donia have not yet ordered her execution, as they do not want to revive the flagging schism and rebellion with Milena’s martyrdom.

Within the camps of Vyrakotha and Commander Zimmermann, there was much contention, for Urza don Crucible arrived in Vyrakotha’s camp and offered her his counsel, while others from Marath Suvla decried his presence most vehemently. In the end, Vyrakotha sent him away, to tend to her interests elsewhere.

On Athral Isle, the new King and Queen ruled wisely, opening courts in every city and village to reconcile the evil deeds that the Gauntish and the Athrals had worked on one another. It seems entirely likely that this work will continue until the ends of their days, but the ruin of a people took more than one human lifetime to bring about.

In Gaunt, lines of communication and trade opened between Vastervik and Mount Drom, with the Dane readily embracing his new neighbors. The future of Gaunt is complicated, however, with the presence of Solvskala: his idea of guarding Gaunt pays little heed to how Gaunt wishes to be guarded, and when war against the Houses of the Nether inevitably comes, the Gaunts that are not already outside their country’s borders find themselves prevented from leaving, by force if necessary. Only those who swear their fealty to Solvskala are permitted to leave, and they are no allies to the peoples of other countries. Someday shall come a dragon-slayer, who will free Gaunt from Solvskala or perish in the attempt.

In Chamneburg and southern Brezha, people reported a new and even stranger form of homunculi, who bore disturbing – but permanent – grafts of an alien kind of flesh. A female of this new sort of homunculus was three months pregnant, with the child of another of her kind. The meaning of these things remains unknown.

Lord and Lady Barov returned to Tarsikka with much of their household and began, as it were, the first day of the rest of their lives. Their years of judicious rule seem likely to continue; the people that they preserved through dark times mean that they have the labor pool to gain great prosperity in brighter times.

On the shadowed and lonely roads of Tarsikka, Elaine and Riel Ar-Calen continued their patrols. There were far fewer shades or shadow creatures than ever before in living memory. Elaine’s destiny may take her elsewhere, in time, but as centuries go by, Calen guards the ways of Tarsikka, unaging, a legendary figure.

Daughter of Amethyst and her husband Dorin Kovacs took up the cause of the child Valenie Tija in the Stele County succession controversy. If they succeed, they will be well-positioned to wield influence among the Council of Silver toward other ends. Daughter of Amethyst also traveled for a time in the Principalities of Verdien, building support for further reforms of the Redwood Throne, with Matriarch Donia’s express consent.

The ghuls that so long held the Sultanate of Khodar-i-Gesh and threatened the Caliphate and the Crusader State fled back to the eastern Wasteland. Though not exterminated from the world, their capacity to organize and threaten Akathia seems to have been shattered for at least a generation.

The Harvester Company of the Tharici found a powerful ally in Lord Fyori, but they also began to find a warmer welcome in the Intuneric and in Eastern Trempa. The Emperor of the Principalities promised that a swath of estates in Eastern Trempa and Brezha, depopulated by war and their lines of inheritance invalidated by breach of fealty, shall be granted to the Company if they wish them. A similar offer was extended to many of those who volunteered for the Emperor’s cause in the war, for estates in the Duchy of Trayal.

In the Free City of the Hulder, Sir Nathan Bauschlosser was confirmed as Lord Mayor of the city, but other pursuits, which the Emperor pretends to know nothing of, will define his legacy, eventually earning him a moniker – the Imperial Knave. With the aid of Reveka Thallos, Kleptokratos of the Alemnet, the Shido Linar will again be a force to be reckoned with.

There are many other destinies yet unwritten...

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