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1216 RE-- Hakon's War

Date: February 21, 1216
Outcome: Indecisive victory
Belligerents: Sigmar’s troops vs. Hakon’s Forces (Gauntish warriors, Athral rebels, and committed Redwood Throne forces)
Sigmar's Commanders: Captain Marshall Lumley, Bishop Hartwell
Allied Commanders: Fox, Lord Ebric Falconharth, Pauldron Afstand, Mester Anlobsbro, Bishop Mayhew, Hector Wiley, Apa Temesvari
Hakon's Forces: 35 warriors, 10 Dane’s Bulwark, 25 Shieldeaters, 5 Stormcallers, 5 Dragon’s Shadow cultists
Athral Forces: 50 rebels, 20 Displaced Hand, 30 trained knights
Hakon-Aligned Redwood Throne Forces: 30 lay armsmen, 5 priests
Iron Moon Caravan: 60 Tharici
The Giant’s Vengeance: 13 trained soldiers, 2 wereravens

      Sigmar’s forces: 200 conscripted soldiers, 70 trained warriors, 20 Shieldeaters, 5 Dane’s Bulwark, 15 Stormcallers, 10 priests
Casualties: Hakon's Forces Hakon’s forces: 12 warriors, 3 Dane’s Bulwark, 7 Shieldeaters, 2 Stormcallers, 1 Dragon’s Shadow cultist
Athral Forces: 17 rebels, 8 Displaced Hand, 9 trained knights
Hakon-Aligned Redwood Throne Forces: 7 laysmen, 1 priest
Iron Moon Caravan: 22 Tharici
The Giant’s Vengeance: 0
     Sigmar's Forces:68 conscripted soldiers, 17 trained warriors, 5 Shieldeaters, 2 Dane’s Bulwark, 4 Stormcallers, 2 priests

The first true battle in the new war to claim Athral Isle has taken place around the city of Conwarashire, without either side being able to proclaim victory. While rumors of expanded support for Hakon Vidarsson have spread far and wide, the initial forces were already on their way to the isle before further support could be committed. However, this was far from a paltry force. The eighty battle-hardened Gauntish warriors, lead by Pauldron Afstand and Mester Anlobsbro, in absence of Hakon Vidarsson, were met by one hundred allied Athral soldiers, led by the rebel Fox, Lord Ebric Falconharth, now openly in rebellion, and Bishop Mayhew, spearheading the Throne forces sympathetic to Hakon’s cause.

Hakon’s forces immediately found conflict as they marched towards Conwarashire. The forces of Captain Marshall Lumley, regent of the city, met them on the field outside the city. With him was Bishop Hartwell, a member of the Redwood Throne organizing opposition to the rebels led by Bishop Mayhew. The battle was a chaotic one on both sides. The bandit known as Fox directed most of the archers and members of Displaced Hand on the field, using their ranged attacks to wreak havoc wherever they went. While Lumley’s forces were more regimented and practiced in fighting together, the large number of conscripted soldiers did not fare nearly as well as their voluntary counterparts. The biggest advantage Lumley’s forces possessed was magical superiority. The much larger number of Unending Sky members and Redwood Throne priests present and wielding magic was overwhelming for the newly anointed disciples of Lavine and the much smaller numbers of priests and Stormcallers.

The battle began to turn south for Hakon’s forces, as the larger forces of Captain Lumley began to gain the upperhand due to shear numerical support and familiarity with the terrain. As the attacking forces began to beat a retreat, they found themselves bolstered with fresh forces from the Iron Moon caravan and support from the Giant’s Vengeance, the brigand group. To the displeasure and consternation of Hakon’s forces, the Giant’s Vengeance had two raven-men within their ranks, striking hard and fast against Lumley’s troops. The Giant’s Vengeance cut a swath through a group of well-trained forces pinning down Lord Falconharth and his men, allowing them to counter-attack and push forward. The Giant’s Vengeance quit the field soon after, but not before saluting the allied rebel forces.

Apa Temesvari, along with several alchemists and wizards, pushed back the Stormcallers and priests in service to Lumley, minimizing their efficacy and allowing the soldiers to hold position for much longer than would have otherwise been possible.

Ultimately, both forces were diminished, and quit the field before decisive victory could be claimed by either side. Lumley was unwilling to push the rebel forces and potentially lose control of Conwarashire, and the rebels seemed unwilling to commit all of their forces to the initial skirmish. As Lumley retreated towards the city, the rebels were forced to retreat, as well, establishing a camp some miles from Conwarashire.

Currently, rebel support is reportedly flocking to Hakon’s side, while Sigmar has begun to levy taxes and troops in order to support a prolonged conflict. Rumors are swirling regarding Hakon offering the Iron Moon a permanent home as a free city, akin to the Hulder, should he be victorious.