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World Developments from 12/1213 to 2/1214

In the Principalities, while the fighting between the Crown and the Nobles has subsided after the sack of Kelkheim, the loyalty of many of the lesser nobles of Brezha is still under suspicion. There are rumors that some of these nobles in Brezha and the Skattenmark are attempting political deals with Tarsikka to avoid prosecution by the Crown and Throne. Additionally, there have been a number of attacks along the coastline in the west and south: sea trolls, sea hags, watery dead, and other monsters plaguing the harbors and (to a limited extent), interfering with trade. This is particularly bad in the lands governed by Margravine Emily von Chamneberg, though reports from that region and elsewhere in the Southern Skattenmark tell tales of sea trolls locked in horrible battles with bunches of Shades, Werewolves, and even Wereravens.

The Left Hand has been fighting Lucinean zealots in Brezha for the past several months, led by the Grand Accuser, Resinald Tarresson, who had been in the area since late November. However, as of February first, the Grand Accuser quit the field quite suddenly and returned immediately to Luzerne City. The heads of the other Monastic Orders, the various Bishops (including the Bishop of Gaunt), and the Prince-Bishop of Brezha are believed to have been recalled also. It is unknown whether these events have anything to do with the rumblings about a new Revelation of the Throne centered in Marath Suvla, but it is known that the new founder of the Wardens of Marath Suvla, Mother Evangeline, was not recalled to Luzerne City, and it is further believed that she has been replaced from her position as head of the Order by Accuser Poul Outav.

The Hulder is still reeling over the Smith's Guild fire and departure, and there is much speculation over what could be bad enough to scare the Smiths out of the Hulder. The Smiths have responded that they will be re-building their Hulder Guild Hall eventually, but wished to finish their sattelite Guild Halls in Marath Suvla and Oresund first. Either way, the Ivory Sun has seen record recruitment, mostly for positions within the Hulder Guard, or personal protection for various Guilds and Guild Masters.

Tarsikka is experiencing a shake up with noble deaths, and an increase in tensions regarding Tharici. Tumul County is becoming a Tharici safe haven, and there's been some movement on the part of certain nobles, primarily ones connected to Marath Suvla, to secure trade routes for them through Tarsikkan land. This has led to some resentment concerning the previously preferred route through Torca Barony. Tarsikka in general is aligning itself more strongly with the Royal Societies under a public commerce agreement, for all matters except for Smithing.

Further, efforts on behalf of the Nobles and various Colonists from Marath Suvla have made a large difference in the security of the silver mines, and production is progressing smoothly.

In the Caliphate, the Marrashi are starting to make some diplomatic overtures to the Caliph, in a tenative way. Marath Suvla seems to be a major topic of conversation there. The royal "guilds" of the Caliphate have begun to work more closely with the Tarsikkan nobles to counteract the influence of the Hulder Guilds there, though they are ill-equipped to provide much support for Smithing and Forge Magic. The opening of a Smiths' Guild in Marath Suvla is viewed variously as an attempt at a power grab, and as an opportunity both for the Tarsikkans and the Caliphate and the Smith's guild to mutually profit. There are rumors that the Smiths' Guild is exploring aid from the Royal Scribes, since Inscription is at a premium in Marath Suvla. Ghuls are an increasingly terrible problem along the border, both for the Caliphate and, apparently, for the Marrashi. As a result, more and more criminal sentences are resulting in punitive assignment to the Demeyen Bishak.

Throne missions in the Caliphate remain mostly the province of Durenites, and have not been super disruptive at this point; there is very little news regarding the Left Hand mission in the Caliphate.

Gauntish tensions with Oresund are yet unresolved, due to no one knowing exactly what happened concerning Kimmernaq's death. Still, the Dane is primarily concerned with the Frozen Castle, and also with scores of horrible, blood-drinking and snake-worshipping creatures which seem to have poured out of Mount Drom lately. Danes Bulwark and even the elusive Volur have been focused on dealing with the problem. There are also rumors of continuing cooling relations between the Dane and his nephew, Sigmar, in the Athral Isle. It is believed that some Clan and Sept heads have begun to make noises about laying their own claims in the Athral Isle, if Sigmar cannot hold them out. the Dane has not formally commented on these, however: in fact, he is believed to be largely in seclusion for the past few months, with Volur advisors. The reason is not publicly known.

Another Smith's Guild house has begun construction in Oresund, with land approved by Alvegir Stararm of the Unbroken Circlet. Oresund has become a very welcoming home to a number of Celestials and Returned, who have found places in the ranks of the Warriors, Historians, and Ritualists, or amongst the Tundra Guard. The Warriors of Oresund are primarily focused on finding a solution to the problem of the Frozen Castle, and have been assisted in this variously by the Colonists of Marath Suvla. Representatives from the Unbroken Circlet and Tundra Guard are to be sent to Marath Suvla to entreat more direct assistance from these Colonists. The King and the Tundra Guard seem to have come to something of a peace, if only because tensions are so high on other fronts. Attacks from Trolls, Frozen Dead, and rogue Homunculi and Alchemists have plagued the north near constantly for the past several months. Further, the Redwood Throne in Oresund has found themselves on the wrong side of things from the established Pentaverate clerics, and what little political capital they have had is increasingly diminished. But their faith has never been over popular in a land where Ritualism is inextricable from the governing body.

The Athral Isle has seen a large increase in attacks from the sea, similar to the Little Loughton Massacre. The native Athral Resistance seems to be gaining in popular support, having attracted recruits from Celestials, Returned, and even some ethnically Gauntish Athrals who object to Sigmar's policies and actions. There are also reports of bands of marauding homunculi, seen sneaking around the edges of older villages, or digging in old Endeiran ruins. They have not seemed to be aggressive to the inhabitants of these villages, though there have been clashes between these bands and more than one Royal patrol. King Sigmar has placed bounties on these homunculi of 25 Crowns per each killed.

In more disturbing news, there have been found, in various locations around the known world, bloody, severed serpent parts that seem as though they once formed a massive ice drake, or possibly a dragon. No dragon, alive or dead, has been reported seen by anyone in the world since the Truce Era. A severed head (with the horns removed) was discovered in Gaunt at the Dane's Hold in late January, and a coiled tail in Atyruen shortly after. A massive claw was most recently reported found outside of the palace in Luzerne City, and another in Khaldun, outside the Khedive's palace. Dane Frosteye is said to be in a state of frothing fury over the incidents.