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Games!Wizard Dueling and Games

In the world of Dust to Dust, games of luck, skill and chance are extremely popular, and have been even since the First Age. Of these, the Duel Arcane is the most serious, and its consequences the most far-reaching.

The Duel Arcane: Though it has been called other things at other times, the Praxis of Arcane Prowess, or the Duel Arcane, has been one of the least deadly-- though certainly hazardous-- ways of settling conflicts between two wizards for thousands of years.

Other Games

  • Stones of the Wall: Stones of the Wall can be traced back to the ancient city of Ton Isiq, one of two common gambling games often referred to as 'Stones'. The reference to the 'Wall' is thought to refer to something called the Samonian Wall.
  • Siege Stones: Another game that can be traced back to Ton Isiq, also sometimes referred to as 'Stones'. Both Siege Stones and Stones of the Wall use the same kinds of pieces as far as the small, glass stone markers are concerned, which is possibly why they were referred to interchangably. It is unknown whether Stones of the Wall or Siege Stones is the Stones game referred to in the tale of The Tar Maiden.
  • The Barrows: A recently surfaced game from the Gamemasters of the Hulder, based dimly on ancient stories of the Wizard Martel building the Warded Barrows. Another bones-and-stones style game, with a cloth board.
  • Baduk (Go): a game popular in ancient Mazhan, it has recently regained popularity through the efforts of Returned Mazhani enthusiasts.
  • Silence: A game from the Celestial Manse, involving double-nine dominoes and completely silent play.