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Photo of a ReturnedNations of the First Age

Now dead for nearly 4200 years, these lands flourished before the coming of the Most Foul, and rose to fight him in days long passed to memory. As the Returned awaken, they carry with them only dim recollections of these once-great nations, and the deeds of might, valour and cunning done in their names...

  • Druma - Once independent, by the end of the First Age Druma was a client kingdom of Tharicia. They believed that in the hour of their greatest danger, their fallen national hero the Wolf King would return and lead them to victory.
  • Endeiras - The Kingdom of the Firstborn, The Empire of the Oak once spread across much of the known world.
  • Mazhan - An archipelago kingdom, famed in its time for its philosopher-warriors and their code of honor.
  • Ophira - The predecessor of the three nations of Akathia, Ophira was ruled by a long succession of mighty Caliphs.
  • Tharicia - A great empire, seen as being the center of the civilized world.
  • The City-State of Ton Isiq - A city-state ruled by wizards, it stood deep within the wastes east of modern-day Khodar-i-Gesh.
What the "At a Glance" terms mean:
  • Rare: Secretive and Relatively unseen.
  • Uncommon: Occasionally seen, only a few experts, most people have heard of it, but not seen it first hand.
  • Common: Seen in large towns and cities.
  • Wide Spread: One per village.