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Check below to see our schedule of events for the upcoming months. Don't recognize one of the sites or know where it is? Get directions.

Events at Dust to Dust have several out of play elements. For information on those, check out our page on Events in Brief.

Pre-Registration to three-day events is $65, which includes parking. The cost at check-in is $75. Players new to Red Button games pay an intro price of $30 pre-reg, $35 at the door for their first three-day game. If you are a new player, email our general manager for any further questions about pricing.

If you pay for, but cannot or choose not to attend any event, you may still submit a checkout form and recieve full build and BGAs for that event. Please indicate in Notes to Seller if you are paying for an event, but not attending! If preferred, you may also push your registration to a later event.

If you intend to be a Full Time NPC for any of our events, you can let us know by submitting a NPC Registration form. If you're not sure if you want to create a new PC yet, but still want to try out the game, this is a great way to do it, and also to help out plot!

When is the next event?

Event Date Location Register
October 21-23, 2016 † Hard Labor Creek (Camp Rutledge)

† Confirmed


For a small fee ($10.00), you can pre-register for a dinner feast that takes place on Saturday night at three-day events. You can also pay at the door. If you plan to pay at the door, once feast registration opens please make sure to contact the feast coordinator at least a week before game to let them know you plan to eat so we can make sure the cooks buy enough food for you. This also applies to NPC volunteers and those in Monster Town.

Please include your character name in the notes to seller.

What's on the menu?

Event Date Feast Choices Register
October, 2016 TBD


We recognize that our players are dealing with the same economic struggles the game faces and that at times we have players who simply can't afford to attend or can't afford to pay full price. If you are in the position to donate a little extra, you can do so below. Our Mistress of Pre-Registration will keep track of donations as well as players in need. Please note, all donations will be kept anonymous as will all recipients.

You can also help out the game to donate to the DtD props budget. All donations for either purpose will be rewarded with buttons at the usual exchange of 1 button for $5. You may also purchase props directly from the Dust to Dust Amazon Wish List.

Donation Type Donate!
Donate to Player
Donate Props