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Eifion and the World Beyond the Vale

Eifion (E feen) was the youngest son of the House Trehaearne aristocracy. He was not interested in ever assuming the throne, even if the thirty or so people before him in line had died. Instead, he spent most of his time discovering the secrets of the hidden world, or the World Beyond the Vale as he called it. He worked with the spirits and beings that he found there to learn their ways and magic. Swordplay was his other love, and he incorporated these secrets into his martial pursuits. One of his most prized possessions was a carved wooden recorder. Legends say that the recorder allowed Eifion to travel between the two worlds as he pleased. Traditionally, the lands of the Empire of Oak were known as the Vale, much as others would call their lands a kingdom or barony. The spirits and supernatural world of the Vale were quite well-known to the Firstborn, who often entered into agreements and relationships with them. Eifion sought out the spirits outside the known lands of the Firstborn, hoping to understand the entire world more fully, and usher in a new age of learning for his people.

When the Firstborn began to experience their great catastrophe, Eifion led groups of Firstborn across the seas, to the lands of the humans, to find answers. Nothing certain is known as to what happened to Eifion and those that traveled with him, but stories and accounts of humans depict him as a great hero and savior to all. If these accounts are believed, Eifion and his men traveled the world, seeking answers and saving those who needed their help. Stories say he was slain in a great battle, but not before helping his people in some fashion, though it is unclear what exactly occurred. These same stories claim that if his recorder is played by an Endeiras citizen, he will return from Beyond the Vale to help his people once more.