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The Land Photo of Druman

Beyond the northern and western borders of Tharicia lay Druma, a land of stone and cold. The Sykorax mountain range reached hundreds of miles from inside Tharicia out to the cold Northern Ocean. To the west, Mount Drom stood over the river Iskjal, in the north, and numerous fjords in the south. Most clan lands were defined around a given fjord.

The Western clans tended to live near the water. Fallengal, the capital, stood in the valley between Mount Drom and the Sykorax mountains. Brearkjin, home of Clan Khovald, was the next-largest settlement, near where the northernmost fjord meets the Northern Ocean. Beyond those large cities, there were many small fortified settlements found along the fjords. They were built around the harbors and expanded from there.

In the Eastern reaches of Druma, there were deep valleys which formed in the Skranna and Dromveden mountain ranges. The Vojamadr, or Eastern Tribes, built mining villages in those mountain passes and valleys. Some of the greatest craftsmen in Druma were found there.