Dust to Dust - A Fantasy LARP
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Lady of the Crossroads

I walk this road
Though wishing not where it may lead
Under my load
Bent down until I barely breathe
Goes ever on
How I need the crossroads
To change my road
Fair lady, I know truly I can choose my way.
I am here to stay.

I walk this road
In choosing now by word and deed
My pace unslowed
Though by the end I’ll surely bleed.
Goes ever on
But I took the crossroads
I changed my road
Fair lady, bless my path as I go where I may.
Watch me lest I stray.

We walked this road
To answer one who was in need
Our thanks now owed
For through your help a friend was freed
Goes ever on
For you showed the crossroads
You changed our road
Fair lady, we sing now for all you did that day.
We are on our way.