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Map of the Caliphate The Land

The lands of Akathia were once comprised of three great nations, the Caliphate of Dusk, the Emirate of Rahaal, and the Sultanate of Khodar-i-Gesh. Out of the three sister nations, only the Caliphate remains both sovereign and in relative good health. This is due in large part to housing two great centers of learning in the modern world: the military academy known as the Tower of Glass, which houses the Sandspire warrior order, and the Great City of Scribes, Khaldun, which houses one of the world's largest and greatest libraries. The Sunbreak Mountains, in the East, are home to the mysterious city-fortress known as the Rat's Castle, illegal by law, but rumored to be home to a brotherhood of assassins most foul. Tralzun province is home to the city on the mountain, Timarhane, one of the premier weapon and armor crafting centers of the nation. Sirkaye is home to the City of Smoke, Bazmel. Bazmel is sometimes seen as a city of frivolities and decadence, but none can deny its importance as a center for trade with the lands east of the Caliphate.

Three protectorate states have been granted to Emirate refugees by the Caliphate, all bordering their former homes. Mahallesi borders the Crusader State in a slim rectangle to the north, Zoridurum follows the curvature of the lands to the northeast, and Olma, the largest of the three, is situated in the middle of the eastern border regions. These three areas are ruled by the Emirate-in-Exile, Emir Bomani Thalas. He ascended to the throne shortly after the death of his father, Emir Darius Thalas, during the invasion of the Emirate. He operates mainly out of Olma, but is often found in the Royal Palace in Darende, in conference with the Caliph and his advisors.

The Sultanate has not been as lucky as either the Caliphate or the Emirate. The country has been decimated, with survivors flocking to the city of Tuzagi. Most of the Sultan's court has not appeared after the people began to flee the nation, and most believe them dead. What little government remains of the Sultanate makes it home in Tuzagi as well, due to the history of the town as a point of welcome. The refugees follow the word of Muhtar Baska Ayri, the Muhtar of the town of Tuzagi. However, Muhtar Ayri often consults with the two remaining political figures of the Sultanate, Padan Karif Uruman, a middle ranking officer in the Sultan's guard before he fled to the Caliphate, and Ustandar Ursiya Edris, who was the Ustandar (the equivalent of Muhtar) of the now fallen lands of Edris before she too fled. They are allowed to govern and rule their own people inside of Tuzagi, as long as they do not upset the balance set in place by the Muhtar. Due to prolonged exposure to less than ideal conditions, the citizens of the Sultanate grow restless and chafe for activity to begin in the retaking of their homeland. The normally small town of Tuzagi has become a tent city for the foreseeable future, with tension growing constantly.