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The Lost Heirs of House Couraine

The legends concerning the last days of King Ardith are numerous. One story that has been proven false claimed that his wife and most of his children were never found. Another says the children were spirited away to the island of Maithrindar, to be raised in secret in the ruins. Still another says that the children were sacrificed to cast a bloody and terrible curse on the Gauntishmen, though this rumor was likely started by the Gauntish themselves.

There are some signs that a lost heirs survived, despite the best attempts of Gaunt to end the line. The Gauntish slew the king and his wife, and at least one son. There are conflicting reports as to whether he had three children or four. His brother's children were rounded up and killed after Prince Auberic's Rebellion, but rumors persist that one might have escaped.

Whatever the case, both King Sigmar and the Redwood Throne insist that none of the heirs were left alive. If someone were to come forward and claim being an heir, they would no doubt be executed if caught. Despite this, the common folk still speak in whispers of the return of a True King.