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Tales of Ancient Times

Much like the modern day Historical Events, these are stories into which Returned Players can insert their names. Unlike those, these are folktales, fables, and fairy stories that modern people tell about the ancient Heroes of the past, and may or may not have any connection to actual events. They are examples of Heroes who exemplify the traits of Warrior, Wise-Man, and Trickster especially, or some combination thereof. Modern people may have heard any of these stories, regardless of nationality, but the regions in which a particular story is more well known are identified in the description. Tharici are assumed to be familiar with any and all of these stories, but especial popularity/unpopularity is described in the text.

If you have questions about which ancient cultures might be referenced in a particular story, especially if you are from a disappeared culture (Mazhan, Ton Isiq), please inquire on the Returned board of the Dust to Dust Forums, or contact plot at d2d@ruleof3.net. If you are a Returned character who would like a tale, but none of the available roles suit you, likewise contact plot to inquire.

Due to the nature of many classic fairy tales, gender is more directly implied in these than in the other historical events. This is not binding in any way; any gender indications can be changed for anyone who wishes to claim a particular role. Relevant NPC genders can also be modified to fit your particular preference.

We'll reiterate that these stories are a way for Returned to have their names known in the Current Era, and are not likely to represent things that actually happened. Learning the stories people tell about you is fun!


  • The Archer of the Greenwood: An Outlaw Archer and comrade outwit the Baronne of Lasaurne. Athral Isle, Tarsikka, Gaunt, Principalities.
  • The Hunter: A ballad about a hunter, poisoned by a trecherous love. Athral Isle, Tarsikka, Oresund, Principalities.
  • The Lady and the Firstborn Knight: A ballad about a Human Lady, too clever to be tricked by a Firstborn. Athral Isle, Southern Tarsikka, Principalities.

Stories & Fables

  • Aggie-Daggie: A curious children's rhyme about an oddly shaped homunculus, and a fragment of a story about a young girl who has a bizarre conversation with him. Akathia, Tarsikka.
  • Bearskin: A moral tale about the dangers of dealing with agents of evil, in any guise. Principalities, Athral Isle.
  • The Black School: Attending a secret school for wizards comes with a deadly price. Oresund, Akathia, Principalities.
  • The Black Thief and the Knight of the Glen: A wicked stepmother tricks her three stepchildren into daring an impossible quest; they are aided by a clever trickster. Tarsikka, Oresund, Athral Isle, Tharici.
  • The Blind Beggar: A redemptive tale of the evils of greed, and of doubting the Wisdom of the Desert Screamers. Akathia
  • The Blood Brothers: A heroic tale of a pair of twin brothers, the eldest of whom yearns for adventure. Akathia, Athral Isle, Oresund, Gaunt, Tarsikka
  • The Caliph's Duty: A moral tale of the Emirate of Rahaal; the Molten Sheik addresses a problem of justice within his camp, and institutes the Contract of Marriage. Akathia.
  • The Child Who Drew Cats: A child loves only to draw cats, with startling consequences. Akathia, Athral Isle, Tarsikka, Oresund.
  • The Coat of Red and Blue: A trickster plays a prank on neighbors and teaches them a valuable lesson. Akathia, Athral Isle, Oresund, Gaunt, Tarsikka.
  • A Dream of Fortune: A wealthy man with a poor reputaion follows a dream of a great fortune, and finds more than he bargained for. Akathia, Tarsikka, Hulder, Athral Isle.
  • The Emira and the Simurgh: A heroic tale of three siblings, the youngest of whom accomplishes brave deeds in another realm. Akathia, some in Tarsikka.
  • The Golden Mountain: A moral tale about the evils of greed, in which a young man outwits a brutal and heartless merchant. Oresund, Gaunt.
  • The Innkeeper's Clever Daughter: An Inkeeper renowned for her beauty seeks the death of her daughter, who is more beautiful than she. She is outwitted by her daughter's bandit compaions. Tarsikka.
  • The Master Thief: A girl impresses a gang of thieves and enriches her family. Universal.
  • The Raven of Easterlun: A young prince does a service to King Raven, and his child reaps the benefits, with the help of a clever troll. Gaunt, Oresund, Northern Tarsikka
  • The Shepherd and the Landlord: A well-liked shepherd outwits his evil landlord with the power of his flute-playing. Athral Isle, Principalites, Gaunt, Akathia.
  • The Skinflint & Silvertongue: A moral tale about a trickster who outwits a stingy landlord. Athral Isle, Principalities, Gaunt.
  • The Slap: In which a clever trickster teaches a judge about the nature of justice. Akathia.
  • The Smell of Soup and the Sound of Money: A moral tale about generosity, in which a wise man helps a beggar, and teaches a stingy tavernkeeper a lesson. Akathia.
  • The Spider Weaver: A tale about kindness to even the smallest creatures. Akathia, Oresund, Gaunt.
  • The Summer Palace: A tale about the cruelty and excesses of an evil warlord. Akathia, Tarsikka, Athral Isle, Gaunt.
  • The Tar Maiden: A tale about a clever wizard who is tricked by an evil wizard, and tricks him back. Akathia, Tarsikka, Oresund.
  • The Tale of the Vizier who was Punished: A wise vizier teaches a short-sighted Caliph about justice, to the benefit of the Caliph's heir. Akathia.
  • The Troll's True Name: A Thane bargains with a Troll, to his detriment. Gaunt, Oresund.
  • The Wanderer and the River: A young man learns mastery over himself, finds love, and has many adventures; his unfortunate father is redeemed. Gaunt, Oresund, Athral Isle, Principalities