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Alchemists are those brewers that have learned to manipulate the Forms, the raw stuff that shapes and creates the physical world. Alchemists have a difficult time working with the Realms of Energy, as capturing something intangible is difficult at best. Alchemists create formulations and go through a painstaking process to create bottled creations that are potent in their efficacy. Formulations can heal, provide excellent protection, and even dissolve flesh and objects. Their mastery over Acid is unparalleled, and is difficult to defend against, as it is a truly created concoction, and does not stem from any one Realm or Form. Their ability to work with the natural is singular. Some regions consider Alchemy to be a vile practice, dealing mostly with rumors of Alchemy bring back the dead in a changed or altered manner, and its use in the creation of Homunculi.

You can learn more about alchemy in Chapter 8 of the Rulebook.