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Dust to Dust BGA Form

This form is for submitting your Between Game Actions, or BGAs. You may use up to 3 BGAs an event for free, and buy one more with buttons (see below). Certain cultures/abilities may grant an extra BGA, as well.

Between-Game actions represent activities your character undertakes between games to persue various goals. With a between-game action, you may:

  • Use a Craft skill to earn 10 silver per level of the craft
  • Use a Production skill to make up to 1 Production Point per level of goods (paying the material cost for those goods at checkin when you receive the tags)
  • Use a Lore skill to ask appropriate questions.
  • Conduct research (using some combination of Lore skills, Production skills, in-game resources like money or discovered documents, artifacts, etc).
  • Learn spells, if you're a Celestial, or create foci, if you're a ritualist.
  • Do other reasonable things (what we call 'plot actions'). You generally can't use a BGA to do anything likely to result in conflict (We decide to burn down all of the Hulder!, We're going werewolf/troll/shade/homunculus hunting!, we steal the Box of Forbidden Pastries from the Bakers!), talking to Major NPCs (The Patriarch, The Council of Silver, so on and so forth), and so on. We really like to resolve conflict during the course of play, as a committee. If you submit something we find it outside of what we consider reasonable, we will let you know and ask for another BGA from you, elsewise you can email plot at d2d@ruleof3.net to ask whether a particular action is appropriate. Either way, it doesn't waste your slot. That being said, if we tell you no, and you keep trying it over and over again...that might waste your slot. We don't expect anyone to do that, but it needs to be said. There will be exceptions from these rules from time to time.
  • If you are using anything to assist in an action, that really, really needs to be listed. If you are using in-play resources, we will be asking for them at the start of the following event, provided we send a response to you regarding that action. If we fail to respond to an action, do not expect to have to pay anything you would normally have to pay, that's on us.

To reiterate, when filling out BGAs, please include ALL resources and their levels (lores, skills, research segments posessed, money, artifacts, etc) and ALL collaborators (PCs and NPCs) taking part in the action in the appropriate fields.

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Between Game Action Skills/Resources Used Collaborators, if any

Purchased Between Game Actions

May be purchased for 3 Buttons
Between Game Action Skills/Resources Used Collaborators, if any

Additional Between Game Actions

Bonus from character abilities (Celestial Spells, Crafting Ritualist Foci, et al)
Between Game Action Skills/Resources Used Collaborators, if any